Architects : Atelier Jean Nouvel

CUstom Engineering


Custom made structure for monument and thermal refurbishment

Fixinox designs self-supporting bearing steel structure for sculpture, fountains, totem or other monuments. They are requested when the load bearing structure behind the natural stones is absent.

For thermal refurbishment these structures are Fixinox response to the inadequate bearing support of the existing facade.

Custom made brackets are developed and manufactured. Special profiles or standard channels are fixed to 2 brackets (one load bearing above a second restraint below). The brackets are fixed to the load bearing structure of the building concrete columns and beams or existing structural steel frame. Natural stone are then attached to the profiles by standard stainless FX or FXL stone fixings.

structure u rails





  • Adapted solutions to site issues
  • Design office creativity
  • Thermal bridges reduction
  • Good solution for layouts with small modulus stones


Up-site tower – Brussels

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