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CUstom Engineering


UHPC inserts channels and dowels

Inserts play an essential role in attaching these new materials, they are the connection between these concretes and the anchors that attach them to the loadbearing structure.

The mechanical performances of UHPCs are very different to those of regular concretes. The thickness of the façades can vary from 2 to 8 cm depending on the project, then depending on the composition of UHPC with fibres (quality of fibres, percentage…) the concrete matrix and the mechanical characteristics are different. For these UHPCs, most often without reinforcement, it has therefore been necessary to develop new inserts.

Before use by the client, each type of insert is tested in our workshop in order to ensure its reliability. Overmore, for certain uses, additional independent laboratory tests are completed. In certain cases, the use of anchoring channels is necessary to further improve adjustability.



  • High performance inserts
  • Tests on request
  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustability with insert channel


UHPC – Utra High Performance Concrete


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