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Heavy load Panels

UHPC materials are not expensive material when used smartly. Façade cladding is a new opportunity to discover their language in architecture.

UHPC materials are cast materials. When used for facades, the panels are precast. Since 2009, FIXINOX has developed claddings fixings on a case by case basis in order to face new erection challenges. Discussions and reflections with the precast company and the building contractor are implemented in order to design the imbedded inserts and the adjustable fastening connectors to the support. Fixinox uses 3D numeric simulation and in-house pull-out tests to check the validity of the solutions.

Thanks to its skills in static and thermal calculations combined with in house manufacturing FIXINOX reduces the number of intermediaries and consequently promotes a smooth running of the work on the construction site.



  • Test laboratory at Fixinox facilities
  • Single points studied
  • Calculation sheets given on request
  • Layout sheets



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