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Lifting systems

Spherical head transport anchors

Spherical head transport anchors are forged from round steel ST52-3 and available from 1,3 to 45,0 t.

The anchor is attached to the formwork with a recess former before cast-in. Type of fixing is determined by formwork material, steel or wood , and different types of formers are available like steel, rubber (with/without magnets) and PU.

The anchor range includes single head spherical anchors, double head for fast/automatic fitting, eye anchors and plate anchors, all available in black steel, zinc plated, hot-dip galvanized and even stainless steel for specific applications like marine docks, sea-side constructions etc.

Lifting clutches are CE labeled and accompanied by a test certificate and usage/security instructions.   Fixinox also produces engineered and customized solutions with e.g. plate anchors or welded bar applications and can perform hydraulic tests on these anchors cast in a section of concrete.

ancre de levage à tête sphérique

Lifting anchors

Spherical head anchor, double head anchor, eye anchor

Quick lift transport anchors

Transport anchors are forged from flat plate steel ST52-3 and available from 0,7 to 26,0 t.

Anchors and recess formers are attached to the formwork with various fixing accessories, magnetic recess formers are also available.  After removal of the formwork a lifting clutch with cable or with forged bracket is used for transport.

The range contains following anchors: two holes, spread, flat foot, quick lift, plate and universal anchors.

Finish: black steel, zinc plated, hot-dip galvanized, duplex coating and stainless steel.

Lifting clutches are also CE labeled and accompanied by a test certificate and usage/safety instructions.

ancres de transport annulaire

Lifting clutch with cable

anneau d'accouplement à cable


  • Large range available
  • Compatibility with most accessories on the market
  • hydraulic testing available for custom work
  • Fast, easy and safe connections



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