Architects : Atelier Jean Nouvel

CUstom Engineering


FIXI3D precast panel hangers

Precast concrete panels up to 11 metric tons can be ingeniously fixed to the structure. As the width is large and the connectors are not more than 6 the thermal bridges are negligible. Furthermore thermal conductivity of stainless steel is 1/3 of thermal conductivity of mild steel

As the gravity is supported by a hanger instead of angle stainless steel material and thermal transfer are spared. The more the cavity increase the systems offers larger advantages in performances and costs.

Damages to the structural connections caused by condensation related moisture are 100% removed thanks to the exclusive use of A4 grade stainless steel.

The system insures quality control by an imbedded insert installed in the precast factory. It offers a fast and simple onsite installation not only as benefits of the large panel sizes

suspente fixi 3D, fixation panneaux préfabriqués





  • Simple and easy-fitting on site
  • 3-dimensional adjustment
  • Technical approval from UBAtc (EOTA)
  • Both fit in new and renovation buildings


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