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Fixinox France

FIXINOX France is a trading division, 100% owned by Fixinox SA. Founded in 2005, the Company’s capital is of 215 000 €.

The strategy of this subsidiary since its foundation has been the following:

  • Transfer matured skills in the field of External wall insulation and other construction methods from Belgian to the French construction market. A detailed and comprehensive study of each facade must be implemented. Gravity, wind and dynamic loads are taken in consideration according Eurocode. Thermal bridges and in situ labor costs are minimized   The façade cladding engineering is included in the price of the items when they are quoted.
  • Fixinox considers that the technological transfer contributes to the development of its market.
  • Actively participate in the promotion tools of these techniques by sharing the technical work force of BNTEC, adhering to BETOCIB, and partnering with concrete architectural precast manufacturers in GIE5P.
  • Avoid dispersion technique. 3 Sales Engineers only cover the whole  large french territory. Their high specialization guarantees a high level of competence. Fixinox France develops its activities in two construction markets :
  1. Design and manufacture of fastening systems for heavy cladding. Customers for this business includes masonry, pre manufacturers and general contractors
  2. Supply of lifting accessories and fixing items for the precast concrete industry.


75011 PARIS
MOBILE: +33 6 88 97 07 83
FAX: +32 71 81 05 29

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