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Fixinox Antwerp

The Belgian economy is industrial and modern. It is focused on foreign trade even for construction products such as precast concrete. To take part in 100% of the construction market a presence in Antwerp was imposed to Fixinox. The first office was established in 2001.

The agency has 4 employees, including two engineers; it runs a large stock of finished products. They are intended to supply the Flemish manufacturers of precast concrete products. Lifting and fixing items stored in Antwerp are not stored in Jumet.

As for Fixinox in Jumet the strategy is to provide the most comprehensive service:

  • Technical and commercial offers made on the spot and still in the emergency response
  • Goods available nearby (up to 100 Km)
  • Flexibility offered by Factory Jumet


Fixinox anvers - les ateliers

Customers of Fixinox in Flanders are very demanding. They mainly are large precast concrete manufacturers among the most specialized in Europe and oriented to export for their  products.



FIXINOX N.V. – Antwerpen Office

4c IZ De Zwaan-Jagersdreef
2900 Schoten
Tel.: +32 3 227 57 00
Fax: +32 3 227 57 02