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BIM : Building Information Modeling

Construction has been evolving continuously over the past 30 years. Thus, the progressive virtualization of the drawings, calculations, projects design have changed the way buildings are projected and constructed compared to 10, 30 or 50 years ago. And the building industry continues to improve its processes, time of intervention, quantity of material used and eventually, the overall building cost. BIM (for Building Information Modeling) is both the tool and the method to achieve and support this evolution. Indeed, the method aims to revolutionize the way the different protagonists intervene into the construction process.BIM suspentes

By going to a more integrated and standardized common tool ; the whole building – including the smallest building parts – is modeled in 3D with information for and interactivity with users. Thanks to that, architects, contractors, installers, providers and design offices are improving their collaboration with not any comparison to the way this was done before.

Fixinox is working closely with these evolutions. We have been using CAD softwares over a decade for designing and calculating our products . We have already worked on several leading projects where the use of BIM was mandatory, Like the tower “La Marseillaise”, 100% BIM designed. See Below,
BIM Fixi 3D hangers

Since our BIM Library is not set up right now because of the lack of claim for it, we will provide on demand BIM files for the projects we will develop with you. BIM objects will be implemented into a Library within the year to come.


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